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About Us

Legal aawaz is one stop solution for Publishing Law Research paper  and  Clat preparation.The Legal Aawaz is an international and fully peer reviewed journal which welcomes high quality, theoretically informed papers on a wide range of fields linked to criminological research and analysis. It also Published Books related to Law, Management, Social Science, etc. Legal Aawaz aims to facilitate the students, teachers and scholars to write papers on various contemporary issues and current trends in law. Legal Aawaz invites Articles, Short Notes, Book Reviews and Case Commentaries from the legal fraternity of the country for the forthcoming issue.

Submission Process

The first step in the process involves selecting a topic. This sounds easy but unfortunately there is an additional step that must be done. Once you have settled on a topic, you have to conduct something called a preemption search to ensure that your topic has not been written about in the past. This does not mean that you cannot write about the same topic as others but rather means that if you do, you must make it different in some way. The preemption search process involves searching databases for similar topics and reviewing the articles to see what they have covered.

Write about something you know. This could include something closely aligned to an old profession or something that you studied in college. If you are already an expert in a topic, you can mix this with legal concepts and your paper will stand out.

A cover letter and good abstract (summary of article) are essential, this alone is the basis for rejection. Make sure that the paper that you submit is final and free from errors.

The manuscript should be prepared in English using “MS Word”. “Times New Roman” font should be used. The font size should be of 12pt. All research articles should have the following sections: Title page, Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion.

Do not plagiarize! Plagiarism involves stating or summarizing the work of others without citing them. All papers have a significant amount of citations and this is normal. If you use someone else’s ideas, cite them.


The authors are duly expected to follow the prescribed format:

  • The author/s shall submit the article on a A4 size paper length
  • The words limit for article shall be 3000-4000 words, book reviews: 1000-1500 words, short comment: 2000-2500 words.
  • The submission shall be in MS Word 2003 or 2007 format strictly.
  • The font shall be in Times New Roman of font size 12, with spacing of 1.5. The footnotes to be in Times New Roman of font size 10. End notes are not to be used.
  • Citation Mode – A uniform method of citation is accepted.

Publication and Processing fee

INR.800/- for Single Author and INR.1500/- for Co-Authorship

The authors are kindly expected to deposit processing and publication fee, once the research paper is accepted for publication. The mode of payment will be intimated to the author/s via email.

*** The fee includes a Certificate of Publication to the author/s through speed post/courier.

What Are The Benefits of Publishing?

Apart from the practical reasons for publishing while in law school, there are also several benefits. First, publication looks excellent on a resume. Moreover, if you publish, you will gain instant credibility and employers, scholarship committees and others will immediately conclude that you are able to write well. Also, a publication will help you find a job and will make you eligible for other accolades such as scholarship money, clerkship positions and praise from faculty and peers. A published work will also assist you if you desire a law professor position some day.

The development of a scholarly piece of work will also enhance your research and writing skills. As with any lengthy paper, you will have to devote a significant amount of time to research. This will not only enhance your knowledge in a particular subject area but will also force you to access various database libraries to search for relevant material. Moreover, a significant amount of time will have to be spent formatting the paper and the related citations and this focus on the detail and blue book format will help you as a lawyer.

Finally, if you publish you will put your name in print and this is a good feeling. You should be proud if you publish something and there is no better feeling than receipt of the finished product with your name boldly splashed across the cover.


Today’s legal news

1.New chief justices appointed in High courts of Karnataka, Kerela, Tripura,Meghalaya and Manipur.

2. HC Delhi: Gave suggestion to tackle somersault in rape complaints.

3. HC Madhya Pradesh: State govt. to provide security for display of movie padmavat.

4. SC: Linking election identity cards, movable property documents with Aadhar.

5.SC: Wants a response from BCCI on Sreesanth plea.

6. SC: Prepones election date for Bar Council Of Kerela

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