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Research Assistant  Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs, BILIA 
Adjunct Faculty  |  Dept. Of Law  |  Green University of Bangladesh 
Legal Researcher | Cross-cutting Program on Governance, Institutions & Accountability Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, CISDL
  • Intellectual Property Rights: Open Access Journals | July 2018 – Present
Key Responsibilities:
  • Provided written, unbiased feedback in a timely manner on the scholarly merits by indicating whether the writing is clear, concise, and relevant and rating the work’s composition, scientific accuracy, originality, and interest to the journal’s readers.
  • THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY IN BANGLADESH IN THE CONTEXT OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT, Accepted for International and Comparative Law Journal (ICLJ) (forthcoming)
  • JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN PRACTICE: STATE V. SUKUR ALI REVISITED, Under Review by Australian Journal of Asian Law (forthcoming)
  • THE DEATH PENALTY NORM OR EXCEPTION: RETENTIONSITS SOUTH ASIAN COUNTRIES, Under Review by Asian Journal of Legal Education (forthcoming)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA, THE E-THREAT TO PRIVACY: A BANGLADESH OUTLOOK, Under Review by Dhaka University Law Journal (forthcoming)
  • CLIMATE CHANGE AND MIGRATION IN AFRICA, With Co-Author Ayman Cherkaoui| Lead Counsel for Climate Change| Centre for International Sustainable Development Law(CISDL)
  • Published by Foundation Hanns Seidel au Maghreb [Online]

Published by Miazee Publications in the Ekushaya Boi Mela, 2016


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Ms. Pyali Chatterjee


  • PhD part time (2014- 2017 batch) pursuing from Amity University, Noida, UP under the guidance of Dr. Komal Vig. Research topic “Choice of a Woman in MTP Laws together with PNDT Act: A Critical Study”. First draft of the thesis has been submitted.
  • M. Phil- 62% from Jodhpur National University.


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  • “A Critical Study To Find Out The Cause Behind Homosexual And The Validity Of Section 377 Of IPC”, has been published in an edited book as a Chapter by Honey Kumar Entitled “ Contemporary India and Gender Some Socio-legal Perspectives”, Winshield Press, New Delhi, 2017