Legal Aawaz started their journey on 10th Feb 2018. It was founded by Ashish Badoni and Vipul CHIRANTAN and currently managed by  Raghav Gupta CEO. The Organization of Legal Aawaz was developed to serve benefits in career, academic and in personal aspects to the students of law, management, social sciences and to provide a platform to the media field as well.

Legal Aawaz provides assistance not only to the students but also who are in need and facing problems by providing guidance through email,telephonic conversation and personal interaction. In the past we have organised various national and international conferences and seminars, Workshops, Mun’s and moot courts. We have also organised legal aid camps in various remote villages some of them are Udham Singh Nagar, Jonkgao Rishikesh.

Legal Aawaz has well qualified, experienced advocates which provide free assistance to the needy and has a large number of volunteers from different parts of India which organises workshops, Legal Aid Camps, and walks to bring out a change in the society.

Our motto is to raise the issues and problems which are faced by the Human Beings. We raise our voice as per the need of the hour and when required and this time there is need of the hour to organise a seminar on Justice for Human Rights.

Optimistichumanitarian Part of Legal Aawaz sell thier book at Amazon bearing ISBN Number 9781717773296,  independently published, having all territories ( Worldwide Rights), Book has been assigned a free KDP ISBN.



CONTACT – +91 9997685128



He is Pursuing 5th Year of BBA.LLB. (Hons.) with CGPA 9.3. He has won various awards in moots, quiz and debates. He has also presented papers & Participated at various national and international  seminars and conferences. He has also organised various events at National and International Level. He also got Scholarship for the International Summer School on Human Rights from July 1-5, 2018 in Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, He is also associate with other Organization as a leader, he always involve in the Programmes  initiated for Youth or by the Youth, his main focus to establish Legal Aawaz is to Promote Youth. He work for Disability faced by children, Men’s as well as  Women. His Team Consists with Youth and Young Generation. He also involve in Legal Aid and Youth Awareness and also conducted Survey in Jonk Gaon (Rishikesh) for same.


  1. Founder of Legal Aawaz
  2. Convenor, Legal Aid Society, School of Law, Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun.
  3. Convenor, Moot Court Society, School of Law, Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun.
  4. Student Reporter, Indian National Bar Association.
  5. Member of Youth for Human Rights India
  6. Director Operation, Legal Rhythm



Vipul chirantan is a law student from Indore Institute of law and framed out to engage young law aspirants through the power of writting . He is also the Founder of Legal Aawaz as well as Edittor In Legal Aawaz Jounal name optimistic humanitarian, ISBN no. – 9781717773296




He is a is a law student from Graphic Era Hill University Dehradun, Currently he manage all affairs of the website Legal Aawaz and had worked with many websites in past also. He is the main pillar of the organisation. Got paper publishes on ‘TRIPLE DIVORCE’ in International Journal of Advance Contemporary Research (IJACR) ISSN 2394-9503. Got paper publishes on “Human Rights and Developing Laws” in International Journal of Legal Research and Governance”, Volume 4, Issue 1 with I.S.S.N 2394-7829.




































































©2018 Optimistic Humanitarian. All Rights Reserved.









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